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MAM - Multiple Account Management

We offer a MAM solution with Think Forex brokerage. This is our preferred method of managing funds. Some of the great advantages include:

  • Online handling of agreements
  • Automatic monthly fee transfers
  • Minimum deposits of just $2000 (based on Risk Tol. of 1)
  • Ability to choose your "Risk Tolerance"


Join our MAM

You will be required to open a Think Forex account by following the steps below:

  • Login to http://www.thinkforex.com
  • Change the "language" from UK or which ever is set as default to AU.  You can find it in the Menu bar.
  • Click open a live account
  • Click begin application
  • For "Country of Residence" you must select Australia.  This is to trick the system into not creating an account through the UK offices.
  • You can select MetaTrader as the platform.
  • You must choose account type (Standard)
  • Please choose USD as your currency with a leverage of 1:50
  • Complete the rest of the application and provide the necessary documents (ID and proof of Address)
  • While the account approval is pending. In order to obtain the LPOA code to be used later please download the form below and email to fxtgfund@gmail.com  (Please note this is an editable PDF)
  • Once the account is approved and funded you will be required to link your account to Cmanager -https://cmanager.thinkforex.com/register/
  • Activate the registration via the link sent to the address you used to sign up.
  • Login to the cmanager - https://cmanager.thinkforex.com
  •  sign a Limited power of Attorney Agreement (LPOA). You will need to request the LPOA code from us if you do not already have it. This will be provided one you have completed the form and submitted as explained earlier.
  • The trader will then accept your application and add your funds to the MAM account pool

Download MAM Form


Additional Info

If you require additional assistance with setting up your account please watch the video below and download the MAM manuals

Download Investor Guide