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Risk Tolerance & Capital Guard


The Client requests the Trader to trade, where possible, according to the Risk Tolerance chosen from the table below. In essence if your account is traded with a Risk Tolerance (RT) of 0.5 x  your traded position would be half the size. You can expect half the profits but you would also expose your account to half the risk / drawdown.


Trading Style Risk Tolerance (RT) Max monthly Draw Down Guard
Conservative 0.5 10 %
Steady 1 20 %
Aggressive 2 40 %
Other – please specify


  • Please note - We do not allow our clients to trade with RT larger that "2"
  • One should also note that the larger the balance the more accurate position sizing will be and compounding will also be more effective.
  • The adverse is true in regards to Risk tolerance. If you choose a lower risk profile you should consider a larger initial deposit.