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 About Us


Forex Traders Guild has been created to help traders learn the art of trading before wasting money on systems and education. There are many free or affordable resources out there that are in fact far superior to the majority of the expensive “top” courses.  Here I’d like to share information that could save you thousands of dollars and countless hours with the objective of getting you going as cost effectively as possible. To allow people, from all backgrounds, an equal opportunity to learn this great occupation. Not just enough information to get you interested but everything you will require to begin trading profitably.

This is an Intermediate/Advanced course but should you be new to trading I will be providing links to free "beginner" resources.  Here you will find a method that puts all the pieces together, takes away guessing, a system that once you can read price you can trade with confidence knowing you have an edge. You will also be able to identify high probability trades, and know why and when not to take a trade and also the reason that causes price movement. This understanding is what will help you become an Ace trader.

I have been trading since 2014 so I wouldn't consider myself a seasoned Pro just yet but in that time period, 90% has been full time, studying price and trading.  I wish to share everything that I have found to be useful.

The reason I want to share what I have discovered, is to save you some of the hardship that traders go through when starting up.  I also enjoy the friendships created with fellow traders as well as teaching and sharing new ideas. I hope to create a healthy trading community with traders who can share and grow together.

The learning process is confusing because of the overload of information you can find on the internet, much of which is useless.  When I started trading I looked into several different trading methods and it was not until I discovered price action and put aside all other ideas and flashing lights that I started making progress, even after that I still researched many different price action methods slowly increasing my understanding of how the market behaves. Some of what I have learned from all the different methods I have incorporated into my trading or understanding.   It’s my goal to share everything of value that I have learned, with the hope to save you the difficulty of wandering around in the darkness asking yourself if trading is just a conspiracy to take your money. Yes there are people who believe that!

The membership is spit up between the course and strategies so that you can decide if this is what you looking for as you progress through the course. Please have a look at the Membership page to learn more about the different packages. If you wish to gain access to the Trade rooms you will however need to become a monthly subscriber as well as have completed the trading course and strategy.  (This small monthly fee is to cover the costs involved and can be cancelled at any time).

I will also be offering mentorship but this is limited to a few students and is subject to availability on both our parts. Should you be considering this please contact me beforehand.

There are also some 3rd party tools that I use for trading and you will notice them advertised on the site.  I would highly recommend them, I find I could not do my job effectively without them but it’s up to you whether or not you want to purchase them.  You may have already bought a substitute for some of the tools in that case please use what you have.   Should you be brand new to this then all the items you will ever need are listed on the membership page. There are some free options available on the net but trust me spend a little money and save yourself time and frustration because you will most likely end up purchasing the professional tools anyway.  So I hope to offer you everything required - the knowledge, strategies and tools for less than $ 400.  I hope this has you excited!  I spent more than 10 times this in my quest to become a trader.

Please have a look at the different membership options on our membership page as well as the other third party tools I would recommend you purchase.

Also you may wish to have a look at the free Introduction to the trading course before making up your mind.

Introduction to Trading course